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Create CodeMeter Content File

Q: How can I manually create a control file for a CodeMeter Dongle?

A: Create CodeMeter Content file for remote activation


If you have an up to date version of the ProfDia Toolbox (1.16 or later) you can use the inbuild function to generate the control file. Otherwise you can create a control file as described below.

  1. Ensure that the Dongle is plugged in and the CodeMeter runtime is installed.
  2. Right click on Windows Desktop
  3. Select new > Wibu Control File
    New WIBU Document: Select type
  4. CmDongle Remote Programming Context-File is selected by default
  5. Click on create
    Firm Codes CmDongle
  6. Make sure that the item 100160 is selected and Click on ok
  7. Wait for the process to be finished
  8. Click ok to close the dialog
  9. Find the newely created file "MyCodeMeter.WibuCmRaC" on the Windows Desktop
    Cm File
  10. Send this file by e-mail to your GTR contact.