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Collection of Issues while running the ProfDia setup

Q: I get the Error on successive palpations

This means that while touching on the same spot on the mandrel for 3 times, the deviation from probing to probing is >3┬Ám

A: - Check conductivity of mandrel - check for impurities on the mandrel (grease, fat) -> clean it - Check conductivity of chuck relative to machine table - probe on a different place on the mandrel by rotating the mandrel a few degrees

Q: The wire does not start probing the mandrel, it moves to the opposite direction or directly to the circumference of the mandrel

A: The Parameter "Ignore G70, G71, G72" is not properly set. Please check the prerequisites

Q: I have issues with the conductivity


Normally the setup can be run in Dry-Run mode. On some machines better results can be achieved: - when wirefeed is enabled - when water flows along the wire - when water is inside the tank

If this does not help: - check the resistance value of the mandrel relative to the machine table - check the resistance value of the rotation axis relative to the machine table - check any parts concerned like chuck, collet, ...