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Activate the Demoversion

On newer ProfDia/F Version 2.x Installations

In the Installation on the Select Components view, check the Activate Demo Version option

User defined Installation

On old ProfDia/F Installations

  1. In the Setup program select User Defined Installation
    User defined Installation
  2. In the Custom Setup dialog select the drop down menu next to Demo_version and select This feature will be installed on local hard drive
    Feature Dialog

Manually toggle between Full- and Demoversion

  1. Open ProfDia(F) Database and go to the Einstellungen/Settings tab.
    Settings Tab
  2. Change the entry for Program start as follows:
    1. ProfDia.exe = Full version
    2. ProfDia_demo.exe = Demo Version

The executables for ProfDiaF are:

  • ProfDiaF.exe
  • ProfDiaF_Demo.exe