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ProfDia/F Network connection and generating ProfDia/F license


For using ProfDia/F, the PC must be connected to the machine via network. The license has to be generated for the configured machine.


The license creation process can only be done once. Please make sure, that the correct address to the machine is enterred in the IP-Address field

Create License

The following steps show how to create the license:

  1. Ensure that the programming PC is connected to the machine via network.
  2. The programming PC and the machine must have IP adresses from the same IP range and subnet.


    Machine Address:

  1. Start the program DNC network. This program can be found inside the ProfDia shortcut folder on the desktop.
  2. In the main window select Settings / Einstellungen (A)
  3. Enter the IP address of the connected machine. (B)
  4. Click the button Check network connection / Prüfe Netzwerkverbindung (C)
  5. If the machine can be accessed, the hardware adress of the machine is shown and the button Create ProfDia license file / ProfDia Lizenz erzeugen pops up.
  6. Click the button Create ProfDia licence file / ProfDia Lizenz erzeugen (D) and confirm the upcoming dialog.
  7. The following success message must show up after a successful license generation
  8. The License file(s) PD_LCO.txt and PDF_LCO.txt are stored in the ProfDia installation directory (typically: C:\ProfDia).
  9. When licenses for ProfDia and ProfDiaF are generated, the PDF_LCO.txt has to be copied to the ProfDiaF installation folder manually


After creating the license file, back it up to a network or USB drive.

The license file(s) can only be generated once

If the PC gets damaged and the license files can not be restored to a new PC,

GTR will charge a fee for resetting the licensing status so that a new license can be generated