On this page all known problems related to the BDE database engine will be listed with a possible solution.

BDE Error 2501

Error message: Exception EDBEngineError in module Prdncsrv.exe at “00205166” An error occurred while attempting to initialize the Borland Database Engine (error $2501)

Possible cause: When this error occurs it is possible you don’t have enough space available.


  • Control Panel > Open BDE Administrator

  • At the left tabs select the configuration tab

  • Here select the subitem System > INIT

  • In the right view, increase the SHAREDMEMSIZE value from 2048 to 4096.

  • Confirm the change with ENTER. For safety, click with the mouse in another field to force the PDC administrator to recognize the change.

  • When you close the BDA Administrator, you will be prompted to accept the changes. Confirm this with Yes.