Round grinding chamfer

Using fast rotation mode of rotary axis

Some rotary axis support the option to switch from positioning to fast rotation mode. Using this mode it’s possible to have a round grinding operation on the wire EDM machine.

ProfDia can be configured to output NC programs accordingly.

ProfDia Configuration

The file TechnoDB.ini in the ProfDia installation folder (e.g. c:\ProfDia ) needs to be adjusted using a text editor. It contains pre-prepared sections for this functionality. Because not being available on all machines, these parameters are commented out with leading semicolon characters by default.

Original content of TechnoDB.ini:

; Standard sequence round grinding
;s2=M21 B1
; Sequence Cut End round grinding
; Currently not in use
; Sequence Profile Section End round grinding

To enable the functionally the comment signs have to be removed from the sections [Techsequenz_10] and [Techseq_PS_End_10] (except from the real comment text on top of each section). The section [Techseq_Cut_End_10] is defined for special purpose and should currently not be enabled.

In the pre-prepared section the command β€œM224P900” switches on the fast rotation with 900 RPM. If the axis should rotate with a different speed, the value can be adjusted (e.g. P1200 for 1200 RPM).

It is also possible to define additional sets of sections (copy and paste all three sections and replace the β€œ_10” in the section names with β€œ_11” for the next triple or β€œ_12” for a third triple. In each triple the rotation speed can be defined as desired. After configuration the β€œ_10” sections should look like this:

TechnoDB.ini file after adjusting the sequences:

; Standard sequence round grinding
s2=M21 B1
; Sequence Cut End round grinding
; Currently not in use
; Sequence Profile Section End round grinding

Programming in ProfDia - Step 1

In ProfDia a separate profile section has to be created after the normal machining.

This section has:

  • To be a β€œMain profile section” (not shifted to the right as sub section)
  • Measuring has to be switched off in this section

Programming in ProfDia - Step 2

Create a specific cutting technology for round grinding

In this technology record the EDM data registers and the offset values have to be specified as usual. The values in the third column refer to the numbers at the end of the sections names in the configuration file TechnoDB.ini (See Configuration above). After enabling the pre-prepared sections only β€œ10” can be specified in this column to select the parameters specified in this section. After adding sections with e.g. β€œ_11” or β€œ_12” the input 11 or 12 is also accepted in this column and enables the parameters specified in these additional sections.

Programming in ProfDia - Step 3

In the Round grinding profile section the following has to be specified:

  • Only one angular position

  • all relief angles set to zero

  • A local technology for round grinding has to be selected

  • A manually created measuring point list (Created using the button Create measuring point list)

Now the tool will be cut as usual. And prior to the round grinding profile, the technology will be loaded and the start sequence for the continuous rotation will be put out.

Caveats for the Fast Rotation approach

Due to the fast tool rotation the water inside the tank will be heavily swirled. This method should only be used on smaller tools (diameter < 20mm) with a streamlined design. Tools with many big tips will behave like a boat screw.