Requirements for a successful training session

  • A PC according to the specifications has to be available
  • A CAD program has to be installed on the PC with which the tool contours can be drawn and exported in ASCII DXF format.
  • The operator must be able to use the CAD program
  • The successful data transfer from the PC to the machine has to be ensured to avoid wasting time for connection trouble shooting     
  • The Operator should have received a training on the machine and control.


PC requirements can be found e.g. for ProfDia Fanuc here: Prerequisites

Preparation for the GTR Training

  • The customer has to send 2-3 technical drawings and DXF files (if available) of representative tools.

GTR will prepare the ProfDia(F) projects prior to the training and make the training based on the tools the customer already knows.


For the training session an engineer or technician of the machine manufacturer needs to be at the customers site for setting up the parameters on the control as well as technical or technology related questions