Using this function, a backup and restore of all settings from ProfDia(F) / Exprog installations can be easily made.

  • Select the installation path of ProfDia(F)/Exprog by clicking on the input field below Application Directory
  • By clicking Backup Directory the backup path for the ProfDia/Exprog settings has to be configured (e.g. c:\profdia_backup)
  • When both fields are configured, the Analyze button becomes visible. The ProfDia Toolbox scans the source directory for the installed product and loads the corresponding backup rules.
  • After a successful program scan the toolbox shows the buttons Backup and Restore


If you are using a BDE database you need to migrate your database first. In case of a BDE installation, the option Backup Database needs to be deactivated

  • By confirming Backup the relevant data is copied to the backup location.
  • Close the ProfDia Toolbox.
  • Uninstall the previous version of ProfDia(F)/Exprog.
  • After uninstalling, the installationpath of the software still exists. Rename that folder (e.g. c:\profdia_old).
  • Install the new ProfDia(F)/Exprog version.
  • Restart the ProfDia Toolbox and go to Application Backup and Restore. Set both paths like before.
  • Click on Analyze
  • Click on Restore


The ProfDia Toolbox has different approaches for the backup and restore strategy. Some files are copied directly to the installation directory, others are compared row by row

  • If there were manual changes to the post processor configuration (e.g. PPFanuc.ini), the PPConfig file needs to be compared to the updated version. Both PP Config files can be found in the installation directory. The original file has been renamed to PP”File”_old.ini. The file compare can be done using any text editor or a specialized tool like WinMerge