ProfDia Prerequisites

For a successful installation and setup, the following prerequisites need to be fulfilled:

PC Requirements

  • Supported Operating Systems currently are:
    • Windows 10 (default)
    • Windows 11
  • 8GB RAM
  • 120 GB SSD Harddrive
  • Full HD Monitor (1920x1080)
  • OpenGL capable Graphics Adapter
  • Network interface (onboard or PCIx)
  • USB-A Port for CodeMeter License Key

PC Preparations

  • All available Windows Updates should be installed prior to the ProfDia Installation
  • For the installation process a Windows user with Administrative Privileges is mandatory
  • For Remote Support a stable Internet connection is mandatory

PC Network Setup

  • The Network connection between Programming PC and EDM has to be successfully established and tested
  • PC and Machine have to be in the same Subnet (e.g. 192.168.0.x, Subnetmask:
  • If the EDM is connected to a company network it should have a static IP address or a DHCP with a static lease from the server
  • If the PC is part of the company network and the EDM is connected to a second ethernet interface, make sure to use a different IP range for the machine network! E.g.

Company Network: 10.0.0.x, Subnet Machine Network: 192.168.0.x, Subnet


When the same IP range is used on two different ethernet interfaces, the license check of ProfDia will fail! No license can be generated for the machine

Machine Preparation


Original FANUC Spare parts need to be installed. 3rd party wire guides, nozzles, etc can lead to bad cutting results especially when cutting with big axial angles

  • Machine CNC Parameters need to be set according to the parameter reference here
  • Additional parameters like special Handy Parameters need to be set as shown below in Additional Machine Settings
  • Wire needs to be straightened using the FANUC internal cycle
  • Vertical Taper Setup needs to be executed for the desired axial relief angles using the FANUC internal cycle (Setup > Vertical Taper)
  • PCD Technologies need to be installed (3 or 4 cuts) and tested to work
  • Technology for carbide needs to be available for free punch cutting

Preparations regarding A Axis

X Axis parallelity< 3µm
Runout measured at mandrel circumference at point close to mandrel front face< 3µm

Additional Machine Settings

Handy Setting
Program > Ignore G70, G71, G72 in Dry runNO
Program > Work Coordinate XY / UV / ZAll NO
Alarm and Warning > Confirmation of Hold PointWarning
Coordinate RotationReset / Disabled
Skip /9Disabled