For further information check the ProfDia manual.

This function is used to migrate an old BDE database structure to the new SQL format. The default database system used by ProfDia/Exprog is the Firebird 2.5 database system. As an alternative, a Microsoft SQL Server can be used to store the project files.


Since version 2.0 the BDE database isn’t supported anymore. The existing BDE databases has to be migrated to a SQL database.

  • Insert the current BDE Database alias in the corresponding field Existing DB Alias
  • Set the Project Files root folder to your current project files location
  • Click on Migrate Projects to start the migration process


The window could seem unresponsive while the process is running wair for the status view to be updated.


The migration to MS SQL Server is described in the following documents: Setup Microsoft SQL Server Migrate from Firebird to MSSQL