ProfDia Machine Setup

Important Parameter Settings in FANUC control Alpha iD and up

To successfully use the ProfDia Software with the FANUC EDM, the following parameters need to be set on the control.


The parameter list below applies to FANUC EDM models Alpha iD and newer. For older Fanuc EDM models please consult the installation check list which comes with the software

CNC Parameters

Param. NoBitValueFunction / Purpose
1008[A]01Rotary Axis Roll over is Valid (1) (ROA)
1008[A]10Move A-Axis the shortest way to programmed position (RAB)
1008[A]21Relative coordinates (RRL) are rounded by the amount of the shift per one rotation (1)
1420e.g. 1080 for Hirschmann RotaryRotation speed for A-axis, Value probably dependent on brand and type of A-axis
345441Enable “bit-setting” with argument “Q” via program
1515001Disable block ahead reading at M00/M01 (BST)
1532001Macro variable range > 13000 available (MEX)
1582000Straightness compensation OFF (WCC)
1588600Trimm function OFF (OIA)
1698071Switch on PCD Generator (if available)
1698121Enables Collision detection (Abnormal probe status)

Keep Relay Parameters

Param. NoBitValueFunction / Purpose
KR1131Switches Generator mode from NAK to PCD (if available)
KR1151G10 Output of Cutting Tech
KR1201Variables >13000 visible on control screen
KR1211Variables >500 visible on control screen

Probe Parameters

Param. NoBitValueFunction / Purpose
620041Probe parameter (HSS)
620061Probe parameter (SRE)
620111Probe parameter (SEB)
620201Probe parameter (1S1)

A-axis machine position display

To limit the displayed position range to 0 – 359.9999 the following parameter has to be set:

Values are for A-Axis:

Param. NoBitValueFunction / Purpose
100601Limit A-Axis Machine Position Display
100610Limit A-Axis Machine Position Display
1260-360.000Limit A-Axis Machine Position Display

(If 1006#1 = 1 then display counts up to 9999)


Machine has to be in home position

Disable A-Axis limits

Values are for A-Axis:

Param. NoBitValueFunction / Purpose
1320--1 (or -3600)Disable A-Axis Limits
1321-1 (or 3600)Disable A-Axis Limits

Handy Parameter

  • AWF Water fill AWF = NO
  • Confirmation of Hold Point must be set to Warning
  • interference check = OFF
  • DISABLE Work Coordinate System
  • 4 Conditions on at program start = OFF
  • Ignore G70,G71,G72 in Dry Run set to NO
  • G74 Setting = Measure

Additional Information

  • M221 = Probe Down Command
  • M222 = Probe Up Command