When the BDE database was migrated to Firebird in a first step, or a company decides to move from Firebird to MS SQL at a later point, this guide can be used


  • Copy the existing database configuration file NCPro_DB.INI file in the application directory to NCPro_DB_Source.INI
  • Start an up to date version of ProfDiaToolbox
  • Go to Database Configuration
  • Click on Load From INI

  • Adjust the elements at (1) and (2) according to your new MS SQL Server

When the modifications are entered, click on Setup Database then Test Connection

When everything was setup correct, the success message should pop up

otherwise an error message showing the actual problem will be shown.

When the connection to the new Database can be established continue with the next step

Data Migration Standard Procedure

  • open the Migrate/Merge SQL→SQL tab
  • Copy the absolute path to your “old” database configuration in the Source Database Config File field
  • Copy the absolute path to your updated database configuration in the Target Database Config File field

  • When the target database is empty (default), click on the migrate button to start the database migration
  • Wait for the process to be finished
  • When everything is done, the ProfDia Toolbox can be closed and the new database is ready for use

Data Migration Special Cases

The first migration to the new database has to be done like described above in Data Migration Standard Procedure.


The migration script has to be run from the PC having the access rights to the original source database

As soon as the database already contains some projects, the Merge Settings have to be applied.

  • Check the Use Merge Mode option and select the merge type:
Skip Existing ProjectsOnly projects that are not already stored in the new database will be added
Overwrite Existing ProjectsNew projects will be added and existing projects will be overwritten
Add with SuffixAll projects from the source database will be added with the Suffix value (e.g. original project: 12345, migrated project: 12345_MachineID )